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Designed myself two element Yagi antenna with traps on 17 and 20m band.
Designed characteristics for each band:

Project MMANA for interested to duplicate - 2el17_20_final.maa
Traps with his parameters: L-3,55uH and capacity 22pF

Finaly mounted antenna on the roof, light weight ~9kg without rotor and mast:

Finaly measured parameters on 17m and 20m bands:

Multiband phased vertical antenna array - May/June 2015 (modify August 2017)

Parameters one of three Vertical:

For 10 MHz i'm using matching like this:

Verticals switching/phasing box:

The 7MHz verticals quite good working also on 21MHz band without extra matching.

Antenna system - that is history:
Designet in 2011 and made in August 2012 myself Hex/Spider Yagi 30-10m.
Some photo abt tuning action: photo1 photo2 photo3 photo4
First, basic multiband antenna FD-4 witch i'm using was made in 2009.