Polish Ham Radio Station SP6ZC

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Déjà vu?

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One day w winter morning - december 8, 2012.

A time ago i've seen sometrhing like this below... (!)

Look at this picture :)


It is done! New SP6ZC Hex/Spider combination beam on the roof (August 2012)

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Tuning new SP6ZC hex/spider beam

Now it's a good time for tuning my dreaming rotary antenna... An idea of project here.

Earlier- first version, smaller antenna i've had succefull using for over two years.

Military telescoping 10m hight mast need to use air-compressor. Only 2-3 Bar is nedeed!

Tuning method is on minimum SWR-s on center of each bands.

Below some views of antenna under tuning, ten meters above the ground.

At August 16 2012 year antenna is ready to move on the roof...

The antenna also have very good SWR on 6m band - 1:1 - 1:1,2 all around band

Antenna on the roof at August 18 2012 - finaly...

about 5 meters above the roof and near 17 meters up the groud.


New idea for antenna (September 2011)

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That is only idea (for present time)...

Realisation not earlier than at spring 2012.

Initial element dimentios of this antenna available here.



Basic Antenna SP6ZC - FD-4. (November 2009)

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Basic Antenna SP6ZC - FD-4. (November 2009)

Like a few years ago, now I've decide again to made FD-4 Antenna.

To make this antenna I've using Cu wire fi 1,7mm.

Here is picture with diameter and measuremed SWR:

For the upper HF bands i've made hex/spider beam antenna designed myself.

Next idea, 6 band 30-10m including WARC bands was made at August 2012.


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